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This stirring documentary series, chronicles World War II Naval operations in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. The program features action footage obtained from Allied and Axis government film vaults. An award winning 26-episode World War II documentary from the American perspective. Made in 1952, the show was a huge success featuring the orchestral score by Richard Rodgers. The documentaries include everything from the Atlantic convoys and U-boat "Wolfpacks", to war in Alaska, the South Atlantic, the Far East, the Pacific War and the Fall of Japan.The narration gives a fascinating insight into how America saw WWII, while the dynamic and genuine wartime footage make Victory at Sea a remarkably gripping documentary series to this day.

Part 1 - Design For War

Part 2 - The Pacific Boils Over
Part 3 - Sealing The Breach
Part 4 - Midway Is East
Part 5 - Mediterranean Mosaic
Part 6 - Guadalcanal
Part 7 - Rings Around Rabaul
Part 8 - Mare Nostrum
Part 9 - Sea and Sand
Part 10 - Beneath The Southern Cross
Part 11 - The Magnetic North
Part 12 - Conquest of Micronesia
Part 13 - Melanesian Nightmare
Part 14 - Roman Renaissance
Part 15 - D-Day
Part 16 - Killers and The Kill
Part 17 - The Turkey Shoot
Part 18 - Two If By Sea
Part 19 - The Battle For Leyte Gulf
Part 20 - Return of The Allies
Part 21 - Full Fathom Five
Part 22 - The Fate of Europe
Part 23 - Target Suribachi
Part 24 - The Road To Mandalay
Part 25 - Suicide For Glory
Part 26 - Design For Peace